Jeff Robinson

About the Artist

Deep inside there is a rage of creativity that has been bound up and caged for over 30 years. Jeff Robinson graduated from the art institute of Pittsburgh there teachers forced him to obey the rules of art. That’s when art became work. After receiving a degree he sold all of his brushes and quit art completely. He even went as far as to join the corporate world. But as the years flew by, unknowingly his creativity having no release valve and was building up pressure. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 when a strange lady approached him asking him to paint something! Jeff had no idea what was about to happen. It was like a key that unlatched the prison doors for him, an uncontrollable pressure of creativity gushed forth from a source deep within, a forgotten joyous source. Like a genie trapped in a lamp, that has finally been set free.

During that time Jeff also became spiritual and learned that God’s is focused on His most precious creature of all, the human. The result of these two life changing experience came the interest of the portrait. Jeff had a desire to capture the thoughts of his subject with his paint, to feel the feelings, emotions, the excitement, even the sexuality at times, but always the expressions of the human soul. Why? Because Humans are whimsical, unique and fun, there’s nothing more beautiful to Him than these. That’s why each of Jeffs painting has a depth to it that’s personal, each one has a feeling, a meaning, a purpose. Jeff hopes you the viewer, is able to drawn from this new fountain of his, and may it also flow to quench your soul. To view more of their work click below.