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Memories converge to create the people we become, their weight impacting how we observe, experience, and interact with our present lives. The long, hazy summer days of our youth, the warmth of suburban neighborhoods, glowing sunsets, human connections and relationships, laughter, first loves, the beautiful memories we never want to forget. Everything that has shaped our experiences as humans and molded us into who were are today are things I strive to capture through my photography. I seek to preserve the moments, experiences, and relationships of the present and how they shape our lives through memory and nostalgia. Ordinary things are recognized and gain previously unrecognized importance when I am able to capture them in their most natural state, becoming precious gems as photographs.

Where there are moments that take my breath away or leave me feeling awestruck, I’m able to hold onto them through my photos, allowing me to express the importance of reflection and emotional weight of memory. As I progress into adulthood, time seems to be more transitory than ever before. Because moments are so fleeting, I strive to appreciate and remember these vital times of my youth before they are forever lost to memory- blurring as life passes by. My photos replicate memories in their vibrancy and youthfulness by making use of bright colors, glowing atmospheres, and candid captures, while seemingly appearing as if they were stills from a film. They reflect the dynamic nature of youth and passing time in their most true form. I aim to open up this world of past experiences to make them tangible pieces of art, capable of being revisited.

About the Artist

Leah Blom is a 19 year-old self-taught photographer and aspiring filmmaker from Flower Mound, Texas. She is interested capturing the organic moments, experiences, and relationships of the present and understanding how they shape our lives through memory and nostalgia through time. Her photo style seems to replicate memories as if they were stills from a film in their vibrant and candid atmospheres, hence her interest in photo and film alike. Leah currently lives in Austin and attends the University of Texas at Austin where she studies studio art photography and radio-television-film. While the bulk of her portfolio is made up of film photography, she also shoots editorial fashion photography digitally with a student-ran Austin mag. Leah’s dream is to further cultivate her photography throughout her career by traveling and meeting new people in hopes of expanding her perspectives. To view more of her work click below.