Valley Girl Series
1. Donde Estan Mis Pinches Chanclas
2. Life and death on Boca Chica
3. Tiempo Del Vals At Sunrise Mall

About the Artist

Marcelina Gonzales (b. 1989, Brownsville, Texas) received a BA from The University of Texas at Brownsville in 2013. Her works exploit her intimate female experience. She reconstructs the uncomfortable development from her adolescence to womanhood through retellings of cloudy and fragmented memories while growing up in Brownsville, a border-town located at the southernmost tip of Texas. The Rio Grande Valley, the area where she came of age, is a unique place for its fusion of Mexican and American culture and traditions, yet is often regarded with contempt by outlets that promote its poverty, lack of education, and danger. She is working to reconcile the shame triggered by the circumstances and external barriers set by her perceived identity, ability, and class while intersected with the sexism, objectification, gender roles, and societal expectations of beauty that already accompany the domain of women. To view more of her work click below.