1. Cannes Lions
2. Kiki’s Cocoa
3. Love & Lies
4. Romance (Selfpotrait)

About the Artist

Simona Bunardzhieva (simoneone) is a Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Maker, Speaker and Educator. She has over 7 years of experience (though she looks younger) in the art of perfecting illustration and lettering. Her work has been used for packaging, editorial (both newspapers & magazines), branding, events and installations. Patterns and textures, neon shades and pastel colors, Arabic art, attention to detail, animal species and organic geometry fascinate her, which she thinks is noticeable in her work. She gets her inspiration from different art fields like fine art, fashion, architecture and film, although she believes no human work can ever surpass nature’s creations. Born in a small town in Bulgaria she currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.