Godless Grovel

My brain feels swollen
like any thought is too much to hold,
and my chest rumbles and bubbles
like boiling water waiting to overflow.
My face is hot.
My mind is full,
and I wish for it all to stop.
I put my hands together to pray to a higher
but they have to stop shaking before i feel confident enough
to have grace–let alone say it.
My eyes scan the world for the answers that are within
and I secretly wonder if this is the price of sin.

About the Author

Hypatia Sorunke is a writer from San Antonio, Texas. She is currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, double majoring in Plan II and Black Studies. Her words are new to the world as she has always been a writer, yet she hasn’t always written. With that, she hopes to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing post-grad.