Guns in America

About the Artist

Over the years, Jeff Corwin has taken photos out of a helicopter, in jungles, on oil rigs and an aircraft carrier. Assignments included portraits of famous faces, including Bill Gates and Groucho Marx and photos for well-known corporate clients like Microsoft, Apple, Rolls-Royce and Time/Life. After 40+ years as a commercial photographer, Corwin has turned his discerning eye to fine art photography. He carried his same vision forward, to see past the clutter and create photographs grounded in design. Simplicity, graphic forms and configurations that repeat are what personally resonate. Visual triggers are stark and isolated vistas: a black asphalt road cutting for miles through harvested wheat; an empty, snowy field with a stream creating a curve to a single tree; or a small barn, the roof barely visible above a barren hillside. Trusting his vision is important to Corwin. Inspired by his mentor Arnold Newman and the works of Piet Mondrian and Edward Hoppe, his experience has taught him not to second guess elements like composition or content. Humble shapes, graphic lines. Eliminate clutter. Light when necessary. Repeat. After decades of photographing in B/W, his initial forays into color photography were disappointing. He then landed on a technique that is more painterly and interpretive, with colors muted and shifted in temperature. Yet the character of the photographs remains the same. Media is paying attention to his fine art photography, with radio interviews and publications including, among others, LandEscape Art Review, Aji, Magazine 43, FOTO Cult and F-Stop. He is represented by several contemporary galleries and currently has a traveling exhibition beginning its launch in Peoria.