How to Avoid Being Poured Into a Carton of Jumex Mango Nectar

                                                                                      i                     destruct
                                                                            reject       consumption       inhalation
                                                                 you       tried    to    shove    my   mango   into   a    carton
                                                          your      eyes      won’t      stifle      me      again      i    won’t
                                                   eye          torn   price   stickers   again   i    won’t  split
                                          that               pile   of   pulp     roots     or   one   fruit   again   i   won’t
                                       consume        ruin    again    i    won’t    be    scooping    out
                                     my                 eyes    in    a    cracked    crate    again     i     won’t
                                   mango          it    won’t       unripen     my    mango    won’t    gorge    on
                                  my                 sour-sweetness    but    it    passionately    wishes    to   be
                                unearthed     down   to   its   pit   fruit   unconsumable   yet   you   crave
                              green             crave   to   exhume   my   aorta      i   will   cling   to   the   sour
                             i              will   not   empower   you   to   flay   deeply   into   a   hint   of   angry
                         pulp       writhing   between   your   fingers   laced   with   the   taste   of
                        me          you      strangle   me         or   try   to         and   i    blush    and
                       i               laugh   at   the   sight   of   your    blistered    numb    disfigured
                      taste       buds    sullied   by   luscious   sour   with   the   picante     your
                       tongue     red   on   me      observe   me   watch   me   as   i   bleed
                       my           pulsing       unripened         mango         flings    some
                       tajin        you      pump      back      a      husk     of
                       mango     we    pump    together     we   the   unreadable
                      cleave       my      pumping      insides
                     stickers      fused    with    my    marrow
                      underpriced      in   a   crate   tethered

About the Author
Kristyn Garza is a soon-to-be graduate of St. Edward’s University majoring in English Literature. The twenty-one year old Chicana was born and raised in the bordertown of McAllen, Texas. Kristyn has had several poems and fiction pieces published in The Sorin Oak Review and New Literati, two St. Edward’s University journals. Her work mostly speaks to her experience as a Mexican-American bisexual woman dealing with mental illness. Her fascination with the mind and the human body in connection to the external world stems mostly from her experience with chronic dissociation and manic episodes where the world suddenly transforms into a scene out of Alice in Wonderland. Whether she be writing a poem or a piece of fiction, Kristyn aims to craft meaning from the seemingly senseless and has an affinity for the dark, lyrical, and dramatic with a concentration in surrealism and dark wit.