Humorous Micro Fiction from The Arab World

Translated from the Arabic by Essam M. Al-Jassim

The Power of Persuasion

By Jamaludin Al-Khoudairi – Morocco
I’ve never seen no one like him who has the power of convincing you with an idea and its ‎opposite, as though he was the last of the scholars of Kalām, the science of discourse.‎
Because of his verbal fluency and skillful use of expressive language, the government appointed him as a dealer of unmarketable goods and equipment. When the fridge market in the country collapsed, he turned his attention to the people of Alaska: persuading them to buy huge quantities of fridges, cooling equipment, and air conditioners for many years.


Oh Sleep

By Sadia Abdullah Shire – Somalia
Every morning he comes out of his room with closed eyes, aggressively scratching his head and in ‎an automatic movement ruffling his hair. Sluggishly he drags his feet along the ground and in ‎his mind holds only the image of his bed he left a minute ago. He seriously tries to find out from ‎which planet those merry and cheerful people come. How could everyone wake up and vigorously ‎emerge out of his room as if they were running an entertaining race?
While straightening ‎his back in an attempt to stand upright and get rid of the groggy gait, he exasperatedly wonders ‎about that matter. “They don’t exist. Yes, they’re the product of television commercials. They don’t ‎exist on this planet Earth,” he decides, finally reaching a rational and satisfactory solution. ‎ He likes the idea and releases a foamy laugh that made the toothpaste sprinkle all over the ‎mirror. He finishes brushing his teeth with his eyes closed to steal another moment of sleep before it’s too late.‎

About the Author

Essam M. Al-Jassim is a writer and translator. He has a bachelor’s degree in Education from King Faisal University. His work has been published in Levitate and Fiction International magazines. There are other published pieces appeared in certain online literary sites, such as; Red Fez. He lives in Hufof, Saudi Arabia.