(if you want me to stray)

by: Lucia Llano

tell me to Give Up
to Loosen my jaw
the imprint of my
two back molars
just doesn’t fit in
to your plum skin
in the same way
tell me now that
my odd canines
crooked, not so
so sharp– (not)
now tell me: Stop
when i Salivate &
Roll Over for you &
Give you my soft-
bits: No, Roll Back.
these things just
happen, you run
(out of bones to
throw). anyways.
listen to me, just
tell me this. say:
(Drop. it. No. Let it
Go Now. Good Girl.
Now, Go & Run Off,
& Tuck in those lil
purple gums at Me
& Grin. with yellow
old soft sweet mutt
teeth, yes: Good Girl.
Chase & Run & Fetch
(&….. &…. &… )
you really have my
pup-heart in your
hands, just racing.
i could do this for
a long time. if i Sit,
(could you Stay?)
no, forget it, then,
tell me to Drop It
then instead cause
i really think that
i need to hear it.
i’m not any good
at this i don’t even
bite when i’m hurt
& & & if you only
open the back gate
i will only Smile &
Sit. to Watch the cars
go by & it’s just that
i knew your hands
& your hair & your
smell & truthfully
the very first time
i tasted some life
without, you, i’m
afraid that i only