Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15) is a multimedia piece inspired by composer Tom Johnson’s piece “Chord Catalogue,” which explores a microtonal tuning system devised by Erv Wilson called a Hexany. This video was made with Unity and Pure Data. It plays through all possible 2-note chords, 3-note chords, 4-note chords, and 5-note chords, followed by the complete 6-note scale all at once.

Over the last 7 years, Daniel Corral has developed a live performance practice featuring electronics and live-feed video. He has recently been exploring how to incorporate real-time animation into his work.


Daniel Corral – Creator


Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15)

About the Artist

Daniel Corral is a composer/performer born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. In Los Angeles since 2005, his work has been commissioned and presented by venues around the world, and he has collaborated with numerous artists. Corral taught at CalArts 2016-2020 and the LA DCA declared him a 2019–2020 Cultural Trailblazer. Past residencies include APPEX, Marin Headlands, I-Park, Banff Centre, and Djerassi. His music has been released by Populist Records, Orenda Records, Innova Recordings, the wulf. records, MicroFest Records, and independently. His teachers include James Tenney and Anne LeBaron. Corral is currently pursuing a Ph.D at UCSD.

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