June 21, 2022: Oak Island

general resurrection episode of the madeleine
declaring the suzerainty of the sky on the sea a pelican
her twisted limbs salt-seared juniper scales falling away
in the heat of the sands my children make me a Sphinx
that should have greened leaves burning sands
even after the last voice is silenced the roar of the sea

Everyday Is Like Sunday best by the sea
Babel buttressed in sand scallop madeleines
Melchizedek king of Salem numberless sands
Cartesian coordinates lightning whelk the Atlantic and a pelican
daughter cell phone a Sphinx
moth smoke from your lips drifting away

our Ragnarok and roll lifestyle rollaway
symmetry breaking wave particle sea
vitreous humor up to my neck with it Sphinx
three and twenty pelicans baked in a madeleine
prime number theory crossing the asymptote pelicans
gulping down the stars the sands
a clepsydra counting them counting the sands

a brittle starscape goats foot dancing away
Floralia held for a moment in the sky a pelican
Charybdis piercing the Euclidian space of the sea
taking the footsteps the sea takes madeleines
in right angles inside my throat speaking Sphinx

sunlight streaming the cosine of Sphinx
and water carving the coral ciphering the sine of sands
the hypotenuse of firewheel and stingray a madeleine
bitten in two a day moon jelly fading away
irises catching a ghost crab between sky and sea
an obelus of horizon and pelican

mirrored moving upon the face of the waters a pelican
uniting what divides the universe in two a Sphinx
chattering chiliocosmic atomies reforming the sea
a jubilee of space between grains of sand
even The Persistence of Memory whispers away
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opening when it closes the scent of madeleines

rendering sunset the pelican lights on the sands

through my double-slit Sphinx paws the world falls away
overflowing from madeleines the waveforms of the sea
About the Author 
Joshua St. Claire is an accountant from a small town Pennsylvania who works as a financial director for a large non-profit. His poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Lana Turner, Sugar House Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Allium, and Ligeia Magazine, among others. His work has appeared in the Dwarf Stars Anthology and he is the winner of the Gerald Brady Memorial Senryu Award and the Trailblazer Award.