Commissioned by the Zodiac Music Academy & Festival 2018.
Recorded in Église Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur de La Bolline Valdeblore, France on July 14th, 2018

“L’Étranger” Full Score

“In our society any man who does not weep at his mother’s funeral runs the risk of being sentenced to death.” –Albert Camus, 1955.

“L’Étranger” is inspired by the 1942 novel by French author Albert Camus. Like the novel itself, the trio explores the theme of absurdism through the point of view of the character, Mersault (violin), fighting through his emotions (cello) against the society (piano) that condemns his actions. The trio itself is based on a hybrid form that I am currently experimenting on; featuring traits such as Romanticism, Minimalism, and Improvisation.

“L’Étranger” Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano


About the Artist

Performers Names:
Violin: Bailey Wantuch
Cello: Kendra Lee Grittani
Piano: Riko Higuma
Original Composition by Patrick Wu
Hsiu-Ping (Patrick) Wu is a Taiwanese-Canadian composer/performer, currently double-majoring in Masters of Composition and Violin at Longy School of Music with Amy Beth Kirsten and Sean Wang. Patrick has a Bachelor of Music degree from Dalhousie University; previously studied with violinists Karen Langille, I-Ching Li, Philippe Djokic, Mark Lee, and Leonardo Perez. As well as performing on campus, Patrick has also participated in festivals such as New York International Music Festival, Evergreen Symphony Orchestra Camp, Scotia Festival of Music, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Camp. In 2016, he served as concertmaster of the ESO under the baton of Wen-Chen Chuang in Taiwan. As well as Classical music, Patrick is very much influenced by the contemporary music around him; he began studying composition in 2015 with Jérôme Blais, Peter Togni, and Dinuk Wijeratne. Many of Patrick’s music were inspired by paintings, literature, and personal experiences. He especially enjoys composing with the styles of neo-romanticism and tone rows. Since 2015, Patrick’s pieces has been premiered in Nocturne: Art at Night Festival with his first film performed by Society of Dalhousie Music Students, Open Waters Festival in Canada, highSCORE Composition Festival in Italy, Zodiac Music Festival & Academy in France, Uzmah Upbeat Composition Program in Croatia, and most recently, Atlantic Music Festival in the United States.