Mayfield Full Score


Mayfield is the second movement to a suite that captures the composer’s nostalgia for his old home. Each movement is based on a place of particular importance, the first being Random Road and the third being Cleveland’s Botanical Gardens. This movement, Mayfield, takes place in a cemetery, a setting which inadvertently caused great difficulty in writing this piece. When beginning to draft Mayfield in 2018, the composer intended to capture what the cemetery meant to him at the time, a morose setting where he observed nothing but life. The cemetery, a beautiful park, was home to people jogging, picnicking, or in the composers case, walking around the park’s large circular path with those he loved. The piece then failed to come together.

In the Summer of 2019 Collin again attempted to write Mayfield. During this second attempt, several people whom the he knew passed away, a couple being those he connected to the particular time Mayfield was recreating. The life he once saw in those tombs faded and the glimmer that drove the piece no longer made sense. There were now two Mayfields that the composer tried to reconcile. The ending result tells a story of a man, who we hope turns out to be the protagonist, walking around the circular path in the Mayfield cemetery. Despite the world bustling outside of the parks walls, he chooses to stay circling the path past dusk.

Random Road

About the Artist

Collin Kemeny is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Composition at the Butler School of Music in Austin Texas where he studies with Yevgeniy Sharlat. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory from Case Western Reserve University, where he studied composition with Jeremy Allen and saxophone with Greg Banaszak, and a Master of Music in Composition at the University of Colorado – Boulder, where he studied with Carter Pann and John Drumheller. Collin received commissions by Reeds in Motions, North Coast Winds, Time Canvas Trio, Champlain College Gaming Studio, FiveOne Experimental Orchestra, Boulder Altitude Directive, Ajax String Quartet, Vorrh Ensemble, and others. He has earned awards and recognitions from the University of Texas Austin, University of Colorado Boulder, Case Western Reserve University, Playground Ensemble, Austin Chamber Music Center, and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony. Additionally, he held a fellowship at the Talis Festival and Academy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and gave a lecture-recital at the Kellio High School in Helsinki, Finland. Outside of composing Collin is an avid hiker – often finding inspiration from nature and writes rhythmically-driven music demonstrating both harmonic and melodic influence from the Great American Songbook. To view more of his work, click below.