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fatal explanation
impossible distillation

errant communication
expensive aberration

foolish expectation
fatigued isolation

humble restoration
protective hibernation

attuned assessment
faithful investment

murmured incantation
gentle humiliation

unfetter accumulation
absolve identification

verbal obfuscation
caustic reprobation

steady inhalation
vagus stimulation

fearful calculation
macabre ultimatum

wilderness desolation
prone prostration

subtle submersion
leaden suffocation

complete sublimation
soft asphyxiation

invisible manipulation
gordian complication

inner machination
reverent immolation

fragrant violation
inviolate oblation

concomitant desperation
social anesthetization

silent exhumation
violent edification

About the Author

Robel Yemiru is a Black and Ethiopian queer writer living in San Francisco. His background is in economics, policy studies, and human-centered design, with a B.A. from Syracuse University.