**This piece has been published by Better Than Starbucks
Orpheus woke pensive cigarettes
burning holes in his bedsheets.
Might as well be dead whispers
his landlord when he sees Orpheus
leave for work each morning but then
again who’d feed his dog? Orpheus
has a black dog named Nestor never barks
too much. When the train rolls by Orpeus’s
apartment rattles his old (Calls them useless)

fucking                                        fingers trace Her
useless                         fingers all askew
old guitars can’t                         like poppystalks bend to
tune them to anything               the sun Always checks
anymore                    his shoulder for her.

About the Author

JP Mayer is an emerging writer studying classics and literary arts at Brown University. Though he’s a bit of a newbie to the publishing world, JP loves sharing his short stories and poetry with his friends and family, and he’s eager for his work to reach a wider audience. JP loves hiking, baking, and all things classical mythology. To view more of their work click below.