Something That You Are Not Likely To Tell Me


About the Artist

Katie Voyt (b. 1984 in Moscow, Russia) is an emerging mixed media abstract artist based in Cape Cod, MA. With a life-long love for the visual arts and world fine arts museums, she had grown from a child’s obsession with paints and taking arts classes to an interior decorator’s career, to now going back to what she loves most – painting. Katie has always been drawing and painting. At school, she would draw on the last pages of her notepads. Her years at the youth architecture school and working as an interior decorator had a great impact on her further growth as an artist.
Having lived abroad for the past 10 years and having to leave Russia when the war had started has greatly impacted Katie’s life. She found a new home in Cape Cod, MA and began her creative journey in the local artistic community. The move served as a strong motivator to pursue her art career – the beauty of the landscape and the sea on the Cape made her express herself in colors and shapes.
In her paintings she researches the nature and relationships using organic shapes and a variety of textures and materials (acrylics, oil pastels, graphite and markers on canvas). Katie is going away from the rectangular shape of the traditional painting and the historical reference to a window, in which the viewer would look outside into the world. She wants the viewer to be centered on what is important to them and to look inside themselves.