*content warning: rape and severe anxiety

Cast of Characters

The Man: A silent man of indeterminate
age, dressed in blood and pus soaked pajamas.

The Creature: A shadowy figure looming in the
corner of the studio apartment.

Note: The Man is not gendered, and the portrayal of the
character’s gender isn’t relevant to the play

Place: THE MAN’s messy studio apartment, which has an extremely shadowy area where THE CREATURE resides. There is a couch facing the audience, a bed facing the shadow, and a kitchen area.

Time: Present day. a single, continuous day.

Scene 1

SETTING: THE MAN’s messy studio apartment.
AT RISE: THE CREATURE is completely hidden in the shadows of the living room. THE MAN is asleep in bed, clutching a photo of his loved one(s).

(The sun rises. THE MAN leaves bed, accompanied by a whispered and reversed version of THE CREATURE saying “Are we awake?”. He looks around nervously, looking for its source. THE MAN then put the picture on the dresser.)
(THE MAN stops looking around to continue his task at hand, making breakfast. This will continue until THE MAN inevitably looks directly into the Shadow where THE CREATURE is located.)
(A drum will begin a primal beat akin to a heartbeat during a panic attack. THE MAN will go back to his task until THE CREATURE moves forward slightly and screams at him for an uncomfortably long time, which stuns THE MAN in fear. During the scream, the stage is flooded with multicolored lights originating from THE CREATURE’S hiding spot. Once the scream has stopped, the man will recover, and go back to making breakfast, more rattled than before. This will repeat five times, where after the fifth scream, the man will not recover, and instead fall to the floor in the fetal position.)
(THE CREATURE will scream two more times, following the same pattern as before. no other noise should originate from the stage.)
(THE CREATURE, now fully visible, will stop its scream, and begin to approach the man.)
(THE CREATURE kneels down, and caresses THE MAN lovingly, and then slowly brings him into the shadows.)
Scene 2

SETTING: THE MAN’s messy studio apartment. A picture of THE
MAN’s loved one(s) is on his dresser.
AT RISE: THE MAN is hiding in the shadows. THE CREATURE with him, both are not visible to the audience.

(THE MAN emerges from the shadows with a tinderbox, as a purple smoke begins to travel across his feet. THE CREATURE follows close behind him.)
(THE MAN sits on the couch, drops the tinderbox, and assumes a catatonic position.)
(THE MAN does nothing more in this scene, and sits motionless.)
(THE CREATURE caresses THE MAN’s chest covetously.)
(Once THE CREATURE is beginning to be engulfed by the smoke, It will slowly back away into the smoke until THE CREATURE is out of view.)
(Once THE MAN is engulfed, the lights will slowly dim to signify the passing of time to the night.)

Scene 3
Present day, late night
SETTING: The MAN’S messy studio apartment. A picture of THE MAN’s loved one(s) is on his dresser.
AT RISE: THE CREATURE is mostly hidden in the shadowy area. THE MAN is drowsily doing his pre-sleep routine.

(After some time, THE MAN locks eyes with THE CREATURE, which freezes THE MAN in abject terror.)
(THE MAN waits, then breaks free from the trance. He rushes to the bed to hide from THE CREATURE.)
(For an uncomfortably long time, THE MAN remains under the blankets. THE CREATURE slowly lurches forward.)
(THE MAN waits, then, peeks his head out to look at THE CREATURE, only to hide again.)
(THE MAN waits again, then leaves the bed and walks backwards to the dresser. He grabs the picture and retreats back to hide in the bed.)
(THE MAN waits, and then peeks out again from underneath the blankets again and stares at THE CREATURE.)
Don’t hide darling. Come out, it’s ok, I promise. I won’t hurt you, I’d never hurt you, I just want to make sure you’re alright. Can I get you anything? Like some tweezers or something? Maybe if you pick some scabs, that’ll help?
(THE CREATURE walks over to the bed to be closer to THE MAN, and then sits next to him, like a supportive lover)
Here baby, let me see your legs.
(THE CREATURE gently pulls the blanket off THE MAN to see his leg.)
Oh, sweetheart, let’s get you cleaned up. I can’t even imagine how painful those must be. Do you want me to help you clear themout? I just want to make you feel better, you know that, right?I’m worried about you! you’re always limping and those scabs click when you walk.

(THE CREATURE begins to pick at THE MAN’s legs, causing THE MAN to flinch slightly, though he is still locked in fear.) I know it hurts, baby, but think about how good it’ll feel when you only have to worry about cleaning up the sheets when it’s done! Hones—
(THE MAN flinches harder than before. In response, THE CREATURE leaps onto THE MAN, pin’s his arms under its legs, and blinds the man with the palms of its hands. THE MAN puts up a half willed defense while THE CREATURE is desperately attempting to assert its dominance. THE MAN knows the creature is stronger than him, but THE CREATURE knows the man’s fear and belief keep it from dissipating into nothing.)
(After a minute or so, THE MAN’s will to fight dies, and the struggle ends. THE CREATURE lets go of THE MAN’s face and assumes a more sensual position on top of him, much like lovers. THE CREATURE’s demeanor is exactly the same as before the conflict.)
Honestly, I can’t wait to climb into bed with you when you’re all covered in that violet pus. If I could I’d lick it right off you every night.
(THE CREATURE gets on top of THE MAN, pinning him down in a sensual manner.)
Why don’t we have more fun? It’s been so long since you’ve tried to talk to me, maybe you could do that adorable little mumble you do when you see me checking you out when you’re in bed, it’s so cute. We could cuddle all night while you scream at me, just like back when we first met.
(THE CREATURE falls beside THE MAN like as though they’re lovers and this is their home.)
You remember that night, right? I spent all those years trying to get you to notice me. It felt like torture, and you’d just walk by me without noticing me. I’d just stand there like an idiot wondering what to do next. I’m glad you finally started looking at me once we grew up, I don’t know what I would’ve done if we weren’t … Are we still awake?
(THE CREATURE gets up off the bed to look at THE MAN, who is nowsleeping. the Sun begins to rise.)
Goodnight, my love, I’ll see you tomorrow.


About the Author

Andrew Beer is a new playwright from the Tidewater Region of the USA. He has little experience with the performing arts, and has spent most of his artistic career dealing with visual arts instead. He focuses on curating experiences for the audience that agitate and upset.