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String Quartet no 6: “The Song of the Angel” is written for and dedicated to Esterhazy Quartet in celebration of their fiftieth anniversary season. This quartet is conceived as a single movement work in five sections with a duration of thirteen minutes. Song of The Angel is based on a near death experience I had as a child.

When I was six years old I went to a summer resort with my family and while swimming in the pool wandered too far from the edge and began to drown. As I sunk to the bottom a very peaceful feeling came over me and before I knew it my spirit gently separated from my body.

All of a sudden I have the feeling that I was traveling and when I came to rest I found myself in the most beautiful place. I heard my name spoken and when I turned around there was an angel standing there. She spoke to me so gently and sweetly that the sound of her voice was like a beautiful song. She explained to me what happened and told me what my life would be like if I retuned to the physical body. Gently I felt myself traveling again and with a sudden jolt was awake as a lady pulled me out of the water. The song the angel sang has inspired me though out my life to keep striving and growing as a person and as an artist.

String Quartet no. 6 “Song of the Angel”


About the Artist

Andrew List composes music in many different genres, including orchestral works, string quartet, vocal, choral music, opera, music for children, solo works, and a variety of chamber ensembles. He has received numerous commissions and performances from professional music ensembles and solo artists in the United States and Europe.
Selected premieres and commissions include: The Emerald Necklace commissioned by The Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Devil’s Last Challenge commissioned by Zodiac Trio, Beyond The Celestial Horizon commissioned by Concordia String Trio and String Quartet no 6 “Song of The Angel “commissioned by Esterhazy Quartet. To view more of his work click below.