On the cover of a literary review,
a deer splashes through the sea
in six time-lapse small drawings,
one leap after another into foamy tide.
My brother might reappear,
a joyful bather engaged with waves.
The artist writes the jumping deer
portrays impermanence.
Pages turned, the far-fetched deer
still plays in spume with a brother
who, so easily, said good bye.


About the Author

Nicolette Reimis a poet, visual artist and translator who has been published in Brushfire, Maudlin House, Mojave River Review, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Poetic Sun, The Rail, Glint Literary Journal, Voices de la Luna, and other publications. She studied art at The New York Studio School and creates abstractions from writing and topography. She holds a Master Degree in Life Science from Columbia University and a Master Degree of Fine Arts in Poetry with a Concentration in Translation from Drew University. She is a member of NohoM55 Gallery in NYC.