The Eclipse (A Squirrel’s Dream)


About the Artist

Gilmore Tamny is an artist, writer, and musician. Her artwork has appeared in literary magazines and gallery shows. She’s played in numerous bands, including The Yips, Mike Rep and the Quotas, Chanel No. 5, Weather Weapon, as well as being mysteriously involved in The Mystery. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection from the Association for Research into Crimes Against Art.
Despite showing little aptitude for languages and getting lost easily, she is plagued with a near-constant yen to travel. Her interests range from forgers to invertebrates to B. Traven’s identity to the latest snack innovations. By day, she works in Anthropology Department as an administrator at Harvard. She’s volunteered for Girls Rock Campaign Boston and is currently on the board of the experimental music series Non-Event. She lives in Boston with a little cat named Faraday and is most likely listening to an audiobook, painting, watching a depressing documentary, snacking, playing guitar, railing at the universe, or some combination therein.