The Sorceress


About the Artist

Daniel Aaron Ramirez strives to create music with a breadth and scope that reflects his unique and distinctive experiences. Described by the New York Times as “magically atmospheric” and a “vivid capsule of self expression, often at impressive levels of accomplishment”, his compositions blend the intricacy of art music with the natural flow of jazz and folk music into a seamless whole.

His music has been featured at New York City’s River to River Festival and the Savannah Music Festival and has been performed by members of St. Luke’s Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic, and the Orpheus Chamber Ensemble. Daniel’s arrangements for Plácido Domingo, Sting, and Rolando Villazón as well as his long standing collaboration with the esteemed Robert Sadin are just a few examples of the sweeping range of his musical vision. His album, “Octubre”, is set to be released in the Fall of 2021 and he is currently working on his opera “The Tragedy of La Llorona”. To view more of his work click below.