Wire Spill Full Score


Wire Spill is a multimedia work for kalimba, electroacoustics, and digital animation. The simple melody serves as an anchor for the electronic’s complex tapestry of reversed and detuned kalimba samples.

Noise is an ubiquitous component of the music, and shifts from background to foreground throughout the work.

The visual component is a generative digital animation, inspired by the works of Jared Tarbell. The small, random motions of lines and particles combine to form complex, ever-shifting structures.


Wire Spill


About the Artist

Nicholas Shaheed is a composer of both acoustic and electronic music whose work explores aspects of structure. His music has been featured at the Norfolk New Music Workshop, SEAMUS, the MOXsonic Festival, CCRMA, Electronic Music Midwest, New Music on the Point, the So Percussion Summer Institute, the highSCORE Festival, and has been performed by So Percussion, Christopher Otto, Quartetto Indaco, Kivie Cahn-Lipman, Violetta Duo, and the Helianthus Contemporary Music Ensemble. For his music, he has received a number of grants and awards such as the Presser Award, the Edward Mattila Award for Excellence in Electronic Music, the Brosseau Creativity Award, and the James K. Hitt Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research. Nicholas holds degrees in computer science, music composition, and music theory from the University of Kansas, and has studied under Elliot Cole, Kip Haaheim, Forrest Pierce, Ingrid Stölzel, and James Barnes. He is currently based in Oregon. To view more of his work click below.