Volume V Book



This volume is inspired by the surreality of the last year. Our lives changed very suddenly, and to an extreme that is hard to imagine prior to this pandemic. Now, as we begin to experience little snippets of normalcy once more, we’re able to reflect on how the last year has influenced our perception of reality.

Volume V takes you on a journey through three stages. You begin in a dreamland, surrounded by clouds and light pastels. Then, you take a sudden dip into reality. Bright greens, vines, and lily pads jostle you through a set of more challenging pieces. Finally, you’re thrown into your worst nightmare. The art within this final section is more difficult to partake in. Overall, this volume promises to take you on a journey of altering states, each open to your own interpretation. Join us, dear dreamer, and experience the power of the surreal.

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Dimensions 22.86 × 22.86 × 1.27 cm