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We are an entirely volunteer-based staff made up of students,
paid only by our appreciation of the arts.

Contributions from individuals, foundations, and corporations will go toward continuing to participate in competitions, maintain our publication, support our expansion to help mentor high school publications, and showcase artists– all in an effort to expand our published artists’ audiences

Thank You to our Supporters

Founder’s Circle Members

Alicia Chen
Dr. George Christian
Dean Randy Diehl
Dr. Betty Sue Flowers
David Genecov
Morton Meyerson
Victoria Miller
David Ochsner
William and Gloria Siu
Dr. Michael Stoff
Dr. Rebecca Teng
Lee Walker
Dr. Alexandra Wettlaufer
Yvonne Yeung
Huvishka Ali
Martin Kevorkian

Institutional Support

Plan II Honors Program
University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts
University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts