The Second Coming

Author | Darren Stein

Now, is the resurrection of our monsters;
Those rough beasts whose hour’s returned at last,
Men; their chests cracked open through the
summoning of their dormant demons fed
by the ferocity of fermented fear of unyielding
change and uncertainty,
Men; embracing the instruments of our liberty
while extinguishing its essence and its soul,
Men; who hoist the burden of a different cross
onto the shoulders of those too frail to bare it,
to wilt beneath the broken promises of an
infected dream that great King’s have had
and purer hearts had hoped for.

About the Author | Darren Stein was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1973, and immigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1996. He teaches History and English at a college on Sydney’s North Shore and publishes his art and poetry whenever someone gives him a chance. His recent work has appeared in Poetica, Metaphor, Words Apart, The Journal of Microliterature, and Twelve Winters Press. His second anthology, The Nut House Poems, has recently been release by Red Dashboard Publications.

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