Self-Help Book

Author | Soli Shin

Seeing you in the movies like this—
your mouth overflowing
with Yes—

I can never end reasonably.

When I inspect closely
(more than I would care to admit)
I see the warts
little warnings

because the flies aren’t enough
to make me
walk away from your cloyingly sweet
throw pillows.

The urge to have
4 by 7 windows
bed, desk, picture

is plunged in deep,
starts at the beginning,
attests that it is the Truth.

I never read your soul:
there were no creases to bend my head down,
fingers curled around the meat of your thumb,
peering into the decades forward, we
the never cooling
deli flowers
on the fifth workday.

About the Author | Soli Shin is based in New York. She’ll be pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Management in the fall. She studied at Bard College for my undergraduate degree. A sample of journals that she frequents are Conjunctions and Nat. Brut. She thanks you for reading.

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