Beasts of wild amber

WE SIT and watch our amber tigers
beautifully silent now, their stripes gone, however
they lie by the bedside in their fleeting splendour
with the serenity of heaven’s blue
the reminder of a heartbreak on a wedding day
an image of awakening
I think that they’re dying.

WE REFUSED an invitation to a banquet
in a tortoise shell and performance of a terminal dancer
and rather stayed in our kingdom of dust
our souls of smoke and honeydew rust
we keep singing the quivering minstrel songs
my mind a wharf boat of crystallite sorrow
yours a dreggy wine of oriental ruby.

WE, THE CYNICS of the highest magnitude
thirsty dogs by the desert fountain
you’re the aquaphobic mermaid, ironically
I’m your prismatic platypus in love
an albino condemned to walk the snowy lands
edgeless and sweet in their vanilla flavor
but some days it feels so strange.

WE CAME here alone and will go alone
and most likely fall into oblivion
together like mythical corsair galleys
sailing by the craggy forelands
we’ll hold our cold hands and we’ll hope and hope
to hear that familiar wild wild roar
and catch a glimpse of our majestic beasts.

About the Author
Filip Čaja (Caja), who writes under the pen name William Greco, is from Slovakia and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He started to write poems and short stories during high school years and later on fell in love with surrealism and DADA, inspired by writers such as Andre Breton, Benjamin Péret or Tristan Tzara.