Once aboard the desert submarine

once aboard the desert submarine
anchored by the golden sundial
outlandish and phosphorescent
we crossed the greatness
of many drowned landscapes
fluxes of algae and shrewish freesias
cloistering up
dans le château à la lune
where the ragman’s lantern announces
the arrival of the fearful butter knight
he’s tattered and salted
the endangered specimen
straight from the cabinet of Walter Potter
the missing piece of a lifeless diorama
the granite giant of bronze ages
walking at a speed of light
he’s an itinerant vendor
and with his grand dexterity
he’ll get us before we
summon the witnesses
his crime forgotten
his crime simply victimless
once aboard the desert submarine
we’re outlandish and phosphorescent
and we’ll have our moon Halloween
and honeymoon of adolescence

About the Author
Filip Čaja (Caja), who writes under the pen name William Greco, is from Slovakia and currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He started to write poems and short stories during high school years and later on fell in love with surrealism and DADA, inspired by writers such as Andre Breton, Benjamin Péret or Tristan Tzara.
Contact: caja.filip@gmail.com