bend time for me

we stick somewhere between the start and
the tick; watch clocks beat uneven against
a sick i am far too inclined to possess:
“you are a hurricane and we are
only in the eye of your storm,” but i digress:

my bad days are peppered with punches
a little softer than the ones i’d expect

& those are the hours he stays for.

i slip apologies into his tea and
hope he will see how much they mean
from me when i’m
shaking to the bone. i want
you to see me for who
i want to be and not

for the clocks on the wall, falling
into a time-warp, we are
dying in the agony of repetition and
i need you to breathe for me
until i can remember how to
manifest time into a concept
i can drink.

About the Author

Sarah Todd is a 19 year old student from Texas. She began writing poetry when she was 12 and became part of the writing community on deviantART about a year later. She is studying psychology and film but hopes one day to somehow incorporate writing into a career.