when everything’s a disaster but you

drive me to the
ends if the earth and let’s
teeter on the edge of
time. (we always secretly knew that
everything we’ve ever been told
was a lie, prove to me that
the earth can be flat
if we want it to be).

i want to look off into the abyss and be
pleasantly surprised that it isn’t all
darkness. maybe there will be a
galaxy forming and
stars colliding and
we can watch our universe being
reborn (maybe if we jump into it
we can live through
the beginning of life).

or maybe that would be it.
we cheated and karma got
the best of us, we saw things we were
never meant to see and
i only ever seem to learn lessons
the hard way so
i’m sure this won’t end as well as
i wanted it to (nothing in my life
ever goes as planned, i think we both
know that by now).

would be worth it with you,
with you i am calm
i am
brave, i am
(you brought alive the life in me
and i’m sure you could kill it
just as quick; don’t be alarmed if i
burn out, darling, i’ve always been
but look at this view
and look at you.
there’s no place i’d rather be).

About the Author

Sarah Todd is a 19 year old student from Texas. She began writing poetry when she was 12 and became part of the writing community on deviantART about a year later. She is studying psychology and film but hopes one day to somehow incorporate writing into a career.