Soloists: Ajay Thatte, Sumedha Nag and Rupasri Shankar

Arranged by: Rupasri Shankar

Filmed by: Emran Shafaq

Edited by: Anne Chow

Audio Recording and Production: William Valero (@willsir3)


About the Artist

Anne Chow has been in love with storytelling and music her whole life. She is currently in her third year at the University of Texas at Austin, where she is pursuing a dual degree in Radio-Television-Film and Plan II Honors and a certificate in Creative Writing. At UT, she has worked as a director, assistant director, script supervisor, and sound mixer on dozens of undergrad, grad, and indie sets. She has also produced several short films, notably “Sister Eva” and “Natal”. Anne is particularly passionate about highlighting narratives not traditionally represented in cinema and exploring how different kinds of art can tell different kinds of stories. To view more of her work, click below.