career fair pessimist

i pack the losers somewhere in my backpack: a myriad
of flyers with oddly post-postmodern art and people, a
couple of pocket flashlights, and too many damn pens.

in first place, a T-shirt from a healthcare (insurance)
company that found out i was interested in healthcare
(medical). it was meant to be (i’ll take your merchandise

and be on my way). in second place, a bag of Snyder’s
mini pretzels – mon déjeuner du jour served by two
faces of future education. God’s billion floodlight eyes

shine sympathy on only them. my lips can show love
but it’s all pancreatic amylase in the near end, just
like a bunch of sweet, sweet                  suckers.



About the Author
Hans Robinson Loja is currently an undergraduate student in Texas majoring in Biology. While writing poetry is one of his hobbies, he also enjoys singing, research, hanging out with friends, and video games.