China Chalet Full Score

Artist Statement:

My scores are created to be inhabited by the imagination. I create a balance between enough and not-too-much information that allows the player to push out into corners, feel comfortable, and almost luxuriate in musical space. With certain aspects of notation left purposely open, the player’s memory must fill in the gaps, completing the musical image. I’m overwhelmed with joy whenever I hear someone occupy my music in this way. In that moment, any claim to ownership over the music dissipates. Instead, the music is full of open space, welcoming all, and ringing with echoes of real or imagined pasts, as they interact with the freshness of the present moment.

China Chalet


About the Artist

Steve Long is a composer-performer from Brooklyn, NY. As a older member of the LGBTQ+ community he looks to create an example of success for his younger colleagues. To view more of his work click below.