This piece was performed for the CLUTCH II Recital Series on November 12, 2019 at the Butler School of Music in Austin, TX.

Camera shutter – stutter, flash, click-ck and s-snap. A cinematographic technique in which a single frame shows repeatedly, producing a static shot that resembles a still photograph. “freeze-frame, or: the beauty myth” is inspired by feminist literature, instagram clout-seekers, and social media algorithms. “The power of our unexpressed and unrecognized feeling” – A.L.

The work is scored for 6 instrumentalists (2 Mallet Percussion (vibes, marimba), String Trio (violin, viola, cello), and Bass Clarinet) and a photographer/dancer duo.

freeze-frame, or: the beauty myth

for mixed ensemble and photoshoot


About the Artist

Performers Names:
Vibraphone: Anthony K. Cantu
Marimba: J.T. Chapman
Bass Clarinet: Julie Vest
Violin: Alan Chen
Viola: Josh Liu
Cello: Jose A. Castillo
Model: Sarah Jack
Photographer: Caleb S. Barnes
José A. Castillo is an undergraduate composer and multi-instrumentalist at the University of Texas at Austin. His work encompasses compositions for chamber ensembles, youth orchestras, electronic media, and big bands. Castillo performs on cello with the UT University Orchestra and previously on saxophone with the UT Jazz Ensemble; outside of the school, Castillo co-conducts the student-led Volunteer Chamber Orchestra. Castillo began his musical studies as a child in Monterrey, Mexico and continued them with Dr. Andrew Allen and Dr. Ruth Morrow at Midwestern State University prior to establishing himself in Austin, Texas. His emerging style invokes the highly individual and theatrical with ample room for interdisciplinary collaborations. To view more of his work click below.