#mybodyisart is a visual short film void of dialogue that delves into the double edged sword that is social media. An artistic young woman, Maya compares herself with current Instagram influencers, and wonders why their social media accounts are so much more popular than hers. She quickly discovers an answer to her own question when a photo of her naked body circulates throughout cyberspace without her permission.




About the Artists

Screenwriter: Elliott Calhoun

Director of Photography: Ziming Xie.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Elliott Calhoun is currently enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin as a Radio/Television/Film major. She has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, sparked by her love for the Shel Silverstein book, “The Giving Tree.” Throughout high school she often competed in extemporaneous writing competitions and attended creative fiction workshops through her hometown University, until realizing her passion for screenwriting. Her long term goal is to create her own unique genre of film, and write and direct features to encompass it. To view more of his work click below.