Red Blue Table

Poplar Wood, Milk Paint, PolyWhey

A table drawn from geometric shapes and unnatural human-made forms like pasta, noodles, playgrounds, and elastics for braces.


Maple veneer, Acrylic Paint, and Polyacrylic

Hooks are curved or bent devices for catching, holding, pulling, or suspending something. They serve our needs throughout everyday life and are often less unique than the people for whom they were made for. They are accomplices for other objects and are not made to exist on their own. I wanted to make a self-serving system where the hook becomes its own reason for existing. Each module has one large opening and two hooks, allowing them to be assembled into a pattern. The rows of hooks alternate between outward facing hooks and inward facing hooks adding subtle disruption and impeding them from forming into a circle. They are painted a gradient pink, as if they are blushing, to bring warmth and character to the individual hooks and the hooks as a collection.

About the Artist

Daphne Thieu-Uyen Do is a third-year student studying Furniture Design with a concentration in Nature-Culture-Sustainability. Her work focuses on evoking warm human emotions from everyday objects that are ordinary and commonplace. She believes that integrating play and intimacy within objects is necessary in promoting emotional pleasure.