Luv U (Love all about you)

Acrylic on canvas

It is a cold morning when you wake to find that someone you loved for years is not only not interested in who you are..but is not interested in anything other than the slavery role they want you to play. Everything still looks all put together and functional. There is a storm a brewing…….small wires are starting to burst from the casings then rust is beginning to show. The choice is either be the person they will accept, or be without the people who will not accept you as you are.

About the Artist

Annessa Morrison says that the very best thing about her art is that is does not just heal her – anyone can use her creations to heal themselves. Actively looking at art helped heal her Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Now she creates art for active looking in order to promote positive health benefits. She works from the 14 looking techniques drawn from her personal healing experience. She strives to heal self-doubt, mind, and body.