White Mirror Gallery

About the Artist

Mane Hovhannisyan is an Armenian fine art and conceptual photographer. The preferred topics of her art are the reflection of the state in-between magic and reality, the correspondence of the human body to the natural and urban environment, as well as the discovery of old soviet architectural leftovers through the means of photography.

Twice she was a winner of contests of Mirzoyan Photo Library “Old Yerevan” and “Landscape and Architecture”, in which frames her photos were exhibited, also honored with the “Multimedia Production Lab Grant” in Tbilisi. In 2020 “Barren Magazine” dedicated the entire look of their issue No.17 to her photography. Moreover, some of the images from “FABULA” cycle were published in the online magazines “Gulf Stream Magazine”, “Arkana”, “Wild Roof Journal”, “The Closed Eye Open”, “Pretty Owl Poetry” and “eris & eros”, also, the photographs were published in print way for “River Styx” magazine.