A 50-something woman is about to undergo a rather personal medical procedure and her new 40-something boyfriend is not sure how he feels about it – as if it’s any of his decision?


Greg Mays as Dominic
Janet Greer as Jackie
Directed by Brenda Jones
Originally Produced by Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL)



About the Artist

Suzanne Bronson is a playwright, poet, magazine journalist, and mother of two. As a playwright, Suzanne explores the power struggles found in both familial and personal relationships and the inner motivations that color our lives. A Master of Fine Arts graduate from New York University, Suzanne’s comedy, A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, was a semi-finalist for the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Suzanne’s short play, The First Impression is an October 2020 podcast available through Open-Door Playhouse. Suzanne’s one-acts on YouTube: Girth, produced Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in April 2021 and Heart, first presented in November 2020 during the One Minute Play Festival’s Live from the Anarchists Jurisdiction in cooperation with the Dramatists Guild of America and then produced for YouTube in February 2021 by Barely Seen.