‘long radio’ is a sound tapestry marrying analog feedback and electronics with manually arranged loops, originally recorded on cassette tape. It features FM radio, feedback mixing, saxophones, micro cassette, the human voice, and a hardware synth keyboard burying and reviving each other in a rotating manner.

Creator Commentary
‘long radio’ consists of various loops stored in my EHX 720 stereo Looper pedal, these loops all meant something to me at the time in which they were created, and are used herein to construct a sound diary of sorts of the long year 2021. The piece also served as a challenge in constructing a long piece in a very patience and self-controlled manner, unplugging and plugging in cables, twirling mixer knobs without stoping the tape. When it comes to cassette recording, you have to be patient and present due to the inherently physical nature of the format, whereas on the computer you can micromanage and rearrange things on the fly.


Alina Jacobs– electronics, mixing, composition


long radio

About the Artist

Alina Jacobs is a writer, actor and sound enthusiast from New York City. She is a current MFA playwriting student at Brooklyn College. Over the last decade Alina has performed in New York, New Haven, Philadelphia, Krosno, and Tbilisi.