OBJECT:PRAHA II documents the recording and happenings surrounding the creation of the second studio album from the Prague-based performance and poetics collective OBJECT:PARADISE. The film was shot on VHS and features interviews, performances, and language happenings from the international Žizkov creative community with the objective to answer the question “does poetry exist?”

OBJECT:PRAHA II is a film that represents the visual and aural values of our performance and poetics collective. We are looking to make poetry more punk rock, low-brow, and accessible to a general audience. The film was shot over the year of 2020 by Tyko with a full VHS camera who walked around and attended many of the performances and happening of the local creative scene. Sit back with the film and get to know the streets of Žižkov.



Curated by the Prague-based non-profit performance and poetics collective, OBJECT:PARADISE, z.s.



About the Artist

OBJECT:PARADISE was founded in 2018 at Ouky Douky Cafe in Prague, Czech Republic by Tyko Say and Jeff Milton. The original concept was simple and remains our core principal today: let’s make poetry readings and happenings more interactive and dynamic. We don’t believe in a poetic language nor the best words in the best order, but rather believe that readings can be a celebration of language that everyone can come to. We want to deconstruct the classism and prejudice inherent in “good” language versus “bad” language use and, instead, celebrate the moment that language exists in. In 2020 OBJECT:PARADISE, z.s. became an official non-profit organization recognized by the Czech government. Our collective has three equal governing bodies which are reflective of our mission to put language in context: poetics, performance, and sound.

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