Trapped in a pandemic, urban animals struggle with addiction, boredom, temperamental outbursts, cleanliness, and fetishism in this obscure postmodern film about the Anthropocene and consumerism.

Synopsis: When forest animals invade our cities, the world is in disarray. Office fox Fiona struggles with her phone addiction. Will she succumb to it? Temperamental bunny Barbara only gives her stag sugar daddy Nestor his special massage, after he dines her and plays the big spender. This obscure short film pinpoints postmodern tropes of consumerism, eroticism, and art with an homage to the theater stage and references to literature. The film uses a fantasy language and needs no subtitles.



Fiona (Foxy Lady): Masha “Mister Cat” Kirillova

Barbara (Horror Bunny): Magda “Furry” Malek

Nestor (Sugar-Daddy Stag): Andrzej Mamiński, Jirka Černý 

Waiter (The Fly): Bartłomiej “Bart” Lis 

Stallion: Lukas Hübner

Steed: Karolina Grzybowska

screenplay • sound mixer: Dave Lojek
cinematographer: Marco Griffini
gaffer • sound recordist: Lukas Hübner
production manager • catering: Karolina Grzybowska
mask artists:  Anna Chadaj and Eva Frakašová
set design • costumes: Lukas, Bartłomiej, Masha, Magda,  Andrzej, Karolina, Marco
visual effects: Mateusz Powszedniak
creative producer: Wojciech Olchowsk
production assistant: Bartłomiej Lis
original score: Mirko MG Rizzello
set photographer • making-of: Oliwia Lee Zakrzewska
DCP author • file compressions • audio mastering: Patrick Düren
director • editor • producer • distributor • colorist: Dave Lojek
Thanks to
Ksenia Duńska • Gabriela Jaskuła • Rakel Sosa • Arkadiusz Bednarz • Piotr Szamryk • Agata Sakowicz • Krzysztof Petkowicz • Centrum Kultury w LublinieKinoteatr Projekt Teatr im. H. Ch. Andersena w Lublinie Centrum Spotkania Kultur • KiNOVO • Futura Artis • Lubelski Festiwal Filmowy • Lublin Film Festival • Wojciech Olchowski • Lublin Media


Occurrences of Questionable Significance

About the Artist

Dave Lojek loves filmmaking and belongs to the most prolific and most often selected directors with over 1674 premiere screenings of his distributions at international film festivals worldwide. His favorite genres are comedy, parody, fantasy, romance, poetry, art, and experiment. Laureate Lojek also directs documentaries, dramas, portraits, sci-fi, and music videos. His works and distributions won 217 film awards. Dave Lojek graduated with an MA in English / American and Cultural Studies from Humboldt-University in his hometown Berlin. In terms of content and style, Dave’s poetic films are about magic, love, death, friendship, loneliness, artists, oddities, escapism, mythology, and the everyday. Based on the Homo-Ludens-principle, visionary Dave clearly focuses his often-cheerful work on the universal and timeless. His motivation for filmmaking is intrinsic.

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