Rogers Park, Chicago

Like an air-conditioner
That rattles loudest
Before it gives out
Like the Jarvis L red line stop
That shook, deserted
Before it closed for construction
Like the blue lake-foam
That curled up then unfurled everywhere white
Humming and scratching like red static on grey-rocky-uneven-shores;
There were the People inside everywhere curled up,
Rattling, shaken, blue; then everywhere unfurled
Like blue lake-foam
Like an air-conditioner
That rattles
And gives out
Just one time
In white-hot July;
Humming, unfurled, everywhere blue
Like lake-foam, trapped in the lake-tide, ceaselessly becoming,
Like humming, like shaking, like rattling
Blue red static on deserted uneven shores


About the Author

Evan Dutmer teaches Latin and Ethics at the Culver Academies, a boarding school in Northern Indiana. He has been accepted for publication at Flatbush Review.