Orange Sleepy (love ode to sky)

your slightest whisper, from afar
You are the far one, your deafness, scorn to others
is blinding, my stark nudity, beholds the orange sleepy sky
but where? where do you sense your admirer?
happening across so vast a space
doubtless, barely audible, neither I nor those who watch more carefully
move until perfect diffuse diamond-cutting
carbonless Stars
are the source, discrete flecks of white
stippling between the darknesses coming
spraying out like spaces between
as the black flecked way is born
why does it come from away? still too far to touch
after this eternity of familiar nights
those flickering moments of heat

always your distance, cyclically absent
as your true lover, standing by you secretly
each dark time, I join you vaguely
though your distance is mighty, your way subtle

events collide and implode, leave no space
for the hues preceding darkness, the games we banter
cut through, spin a story, die in awful blackness
after they were barely born, out of massive orange
setting skies, that receded into night-time clarity

or was I too
colored up, with sunset, senseless
down and over-powered
hearing irresistible sounds
loud and seductive
just not watching there, Beautiful black night
made darker by massive bright spicules
that cut the night sky
clear, clear stars
that must have spun so hotly

About the Author

Sam was born in Canada, is of Lebanese heritage, and lives in the US. He loves rowing, hiking, amateur photography, family, and being a physician. He’s had over 40 publications so far of his poetry & prose, plus scientific publications. He’s been a finalist in writing contests from Vallum, Iron Horse, Sand Hills, Cairde Sligo Arts Festival, and others. Facebook readings: @MightySamste