“Overgrowth” by Sergei Kofman performed at the 2019 Atlantic Music Festival New Music Concert, by the AMF Contemporary Music Ensemble

Flute: Leo Sussman
Clarinet: Celeste Markey
Piano: Kathy Lee
Violin: Kimberly Durflinger
Cello: Isidora Nojkovic

Overgrowth Full Score

Program Note

There is a garden, full of weeds. They grow wild and uncotrolled, having covered almost the entire area of the garden. A singe rose is budding amongst the weeds, struggling to reach for the sun. It tries to breath through the weight of the burdensome weeds. Will it flower, or be suffocated under the overgrowth?



About the Artist

Sergei Kofman (b. 1996) is an imaginative young composer based in Toronto. He is currently completing his masters degree in composition at the University of Toronto, and he has previously obtained his undergraduate degree in composition as well as piano performance at Wilfrid Laurier University. He is active as a composer, producer, audio engineer, pianist, and educator.

In 2014, Sergei won the TIFF NextWave Battle of the Scores jury prize, which gave him the opportunity to provide some music for Guidance(dir. Pat Mills, 2014). Sergei has gone on to score several short films, cartoons and documentaries, and other media including a book trailer, a campaign video for the WWF, a podcast, and a webseries. In 2018, Sergei was awarded the MusicCounts Scholarship for his work as a composer and producer.

Sergei also writes concert works for solo instruments, chamber ensemble, and full orchestra. He draws on an eclectic combination of influences including film and video game music, romantic, impressionist, modernist, and contemporary classical music, as well as jazz, hip-hop, and other contemporary mainstream music. His works have been performed by the Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra, Whispering River Orchestra, Kawartha Youth Orchestra, Atlantic Music Festival Contemporary Ensemble, University of Toronto Orchestra, and the Wilfrid Laurier University Orchestra.To view more of his work, click below.