Piano Sonata No 3, Op. 5 “Memories” Full Score

Raved as ‘an evocative piece of work,’ piece overall has virtuosic nature yet is enjoyable for all audiences.This piano sonata is structured in cumulative form. As the audience will hear fragmentation and development of thematic ideas that converge into a full presentation of the theme at the end. Its subtitle, Memories creates an inward or reflective state as the piece requires a great deal of flexibility and expression in performance. Because of this, the piece requires much give and take from the performer.

Piano Sonata No. 3 “Memories”


About the Artist

Performers Names:
Composed by: Jessica T. Carter
Piano: Dr. Jennifer Muniz
Jessica Carter is an African-American composer, violinist, and vocal coach from South Bend, Indiana who first discovered her love for music at the age of 5. Within her compositions, Jessica aspires to exude the message of Hope to everyone her music reaches but specifically to marginalized children. A blossoming musician, Jessica was described as having highly intelligent intuition and capitulating lyricism. Jessica holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Music and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Bethel University. She is currently a candidate for the Master’s of Music in Music Composition under Dr. Jorge Muniz and the Artist’s and Performance Diploma in Violin under Dr. Brendan Shea at Indiana University South Bend. To view more of her work click below.