Port View Park, Oakland

I remember the wind that swept salt off the bay
and made the brackish green water dance,
kicking spray in our faces, wind that
announced itself the very voice of God

while container ships left the Golden Gate,
ebb and flow under massive port cranes
themselves belittled by Salesforce Tower
and the glistening cathedrals of finance

I remember the dazzled look on your face
when we saw the spotted harbor seal break
the surface of the water, or to see the bat ray
glide beneath faint slicks of oil

And when the sun fell behind the bridges
I remember you lost in the lights of the city,
watching it all laid before us,
how relieved we were to be
of no great significance

About the Author

Jordan Rodriguez is a high school English teacher in San Leandro, CA. His writing has been published in About Place Journal, Tule Review, Inlandia, and Occam’s Razor.