Tasty safety

and a Samaritan

A slope or hollow of his chest,
shoulder and neck or bottom…

When a handsome dear man
is asleep in a ravishing field,
deep still on the naked grass,
and you wish to wake him up,
keep him from possible danger,
sunstroke, beast, thunderstorm,
what part of his unflawed skin
would you touch so carefully,
that he won’t be scared or angry
but will thank you with a sip of his coffee?
With a piece of cake and a part of his plaid or more?

Too late: a lovely and furry squirrel has found your way.

About the Author

Arno Bohlmeijer is a poet and novelist, writing in English and Dutch.At age 14 he was admitted to the Scapino School of Dance, but he chose to study languages, with jobs in Wales, France, and London, going on to write and be published in six countries.
During tough or joyous times, the process of writing feeds his mind and soul.Sharp margins of ‘crazy and normal’, with rare forms of empathy, are Arno’s favorite themes, alongside frankness, courage, confidence, while freedom is never taken for granted. All his life as a very human being and writer, he’s been called ‘different’. As a good thing?

MA English Literature, BA French,
winner of a PEN America Grant 2021,
runner-up for the 2018 Gabo Prize,
currently published in a dozen renowned Journals and Reviews.