Rust was choreographed by Ariel Grossman with an original composition by David Homan and Stefania De Kenessey. The dancers performing from Ariel Rivka Dance are Amy Ashley, Kristin Licata, Dantia Shaheen, and Kyleigh Sackandy. Costumes were created by Marianna Tsartolia in collaboration with Grossman. This footage was produced filmed by Christina Wairegi and Blacker Berry Films in May 2021 at Baryshnikov Arts Center. The work premiered in person in June 2021.

Rust is about the beauty of aging— the embarrassment, humor, and ultimate acceptance of physical, emotional, and internal changes. While sometimes ugly, aging is natural and mesmerizing, like the rust that appears on old metal.


Choreographer: Ariel Grossman
Dancers: Amy Ashley, Kristin Licata, Dantia Shaheen, and Kyleigh Sackandy
Original Composition: David Homan and Stefania De Kenessey
Producer: Christina Wairegi, found of Blacker Berry Films
Director of film: Elyssa Budd
Cinematography: Christina Wairegi
Editor: Kristie Ferriso
Colorist: Tiffany Armour Tejada
Costume Design: Marianna Tsartolia
Associate Director of Ariel Rivka Dance: Deborah Corrales



About the Artists

Founded in 2008 by Artistic Director, Ariel Grossman, Ariel Rivka Dance (ARD) is an all-female contemporary dance company that shares stories that resonate with a broad audience. ARD’s mission is to champion female creatives through original choreography, commissioned music, and family and educational programming. Through movement, the company creates a community of vulnerability and acceptance, providing opportunities for hope and connection. ARD has been presented at prestigious venues around the nation including, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, BAM Fisher, Gordon Center, Kaplan Theater, New York Live Arts and internationally in Istanbul, TR. ​​​​ARD’s held collaborations with companies like Sean Curran, Taylor 2, and Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, and commissioned by Ballet Vero Beach, DanceLabNY NexusLab, and Konverjdans. ARD is the recipient of a Nathan Cummings Foundation grant, The Charles & Joan Gross Family Foundation, Mid-Atlantic Arts, Dance/NYC, Jersey City Council of the Arts, and New Jersey Arts and Culture.

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