Sexy Fisherman is a music video shot, created and edited by Liz Hogg in October 2021.

This is the first single from her debut solo album, where she recorded and performed all the instruments and vocals and completely mixed and mastered it herself. It features a repeating riff over different chords and a drone-like middle section with pedal tones on an A5 chord.


Liz Hogg – composer, performer, director


Sexy Fisherman

About the Artist

Liz Hogg is a guitarist and composer from Brooklyn, NY. Hogg has been described as “uniquely her own, writing independent music that doesn’t reflect the trends” (I Heart Noise), possessing “energy, expressive dynamics and phrasing” (American Record Guide), “fantastic work” (Classical Guitar Magazine) and “playing with a more distinctive and original approach that includes quickly-strummed chords, chiming arpeggios, and rapid-fire picking” (Geoff Cabin). Her playing has been further characterized as “strong, precise, and powerful” (Bushwick Music Daily), “radiating in its own light” (New Noise Magazine), carrying “élan and fine precision” (Fanfare), and “displaying a confrontational spectrum of emotions” (Music & Riots). She heads the guitar program at Jubilee University and teaches musicianship classes at Queens College’s Aaron Copland School of Music in addition to her private studio.

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